Fishing Organiser

Not a social media platform, not a place to brag but a private notebook app to record all your fishing trips in all their details

Active work in progress: the Web Interface.

We've enjoyed developing and keeping your fishing information safe and sound on our dedicated mobile apps, both iOS and Android. Now, we're expanding/opening our product to the web, so you'll be able to edit all your fishing trips information here also, using any browser. The data is synced across all platforms.

It is an active work in progress, it is happening right now, you can be a part of it, test and let us know what you think, provide feedback.

Click here to access the Web Interface or use the top menu.

Main features

These being said, we hope you'll have a good experience with the app and, if you'll consider, allow it to be your fishing history keeper!

Get involved with the project

Tell us what you think, what you'd like to be added, changed, improved. Write your ideas and suggestions on our Facebook public forum so everybody will be able to see, help and also get involved. Thank you.

This project was created and still getting developed by a single developer. It brings zero income, just some expenses. No complaining, I'll never stop but should you ever consider it deserves support, chip in using PayPal. Below button is 6 years old, never got clicked even once . I guess it's broken :)

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