About Fishing Organiser

This app was created by a small team of developers who also love fishing. Perfect fit we'd say.

The idea got born on a river shore, talking to fellow fishermen about our choices when it comes to saving fishing trips info (yes, some of us do care about it). There were a few web sites mentioned, incomplete apps and, believe it or not, some guys do keep their data on paper. Nothing really modern.

So here we are now, made this tool that lets you register all of your fishing trips all together with their related details: locations, species, quantities, fishing style and so on.

All the information mentioned above is 100% private, this is not a social media platform but a personal fishing assistant app.

Cloud data protection: all fishing trips informations are backed up in cloud, secure. Have no worries if your device ever breaks, gets lost or similar. Your data is secured.

Sync across: having multiple devices ? Got to your fishing spot with different device ? No worries! Install the app on any other compatible device, login with your user and start entering catches informations. We'll sync all of your information across all of your devices. Solved.

While our encyclopedia contains most of the fish species grouped by corresponding countries, we wanted to have the possibility to customize the information. In this sense, you can: add new fish species, associate existing ones with countries and add common names. Encyclopedia is a comune database, synced between all client apps and the community can express their opinion regarding above mentioned by voting. Entering malicious information into the Encyclopedia will result in removing your right to contribute to it, forever. Please respect the community.

Let us know what do you think about the app, what should be added, changed and so on. Use the feedback form in the Settings tab, be awesome, thank you and also please share the app with your fellow fishermen.