Announcements, work progress:

# Date Work done
21 14 May 2024 Cannot even remember, lots of things, index page modified to show some statistics and filters in the matches list page.
20 11 May 2024 Minor things + fishing trips can now be deleted.
19 9 May 2024 Encyclopedia, again: search term persists and inside dedicated species page you can now easily set/unset as favourite.
Marking as favourite is useful in editing/adding captures where you can filter by these for easy and quick access.
18 8 May 2024 Some functionality beginning inside the Encyclopedia. Search for species, dedicated species page beginnings, also.
17 7 May 2024 Lots of minor things ... but ...
Filters implemented and working on Fishing Matches list page (any active filter determines the match details to open in a new window/tab)
16 7 May 2024 Images: just like the mobile apps, attach them to fishing trips and captures from this interface also.
15 5 May 2024 All about images, for now on them fishing matches only.
14 30 Apr 2024 Capture edit page: filter species by all/fav/current match.
Search by name also implemented (scientific, official, etc.)
Fishing matches map page created, filters are to be implemented.
13 29 Apr 2024 Captures can now be deleted.
12 28 Apr 2024 Captures are now editable for the most part.
11 25 Apr 2024 Fishing matches are now editable for the most part. Next: captures.
10 18 Apr 2024 Captures list and captures on the map pages created.
9 15 Apr 2024 Implementing Bootstrap 5.3, making it all look good on mobile devices also (even though we're already providing dedicated mobile apps; let it be).
8 14 Apr 2024 Been working at the Encyclopedia
7 13 Apr 2024 Cookie Consent implemented, the GDPR thing
6 12 Apr 2024 SignIn with Facebook implemented
Account deletion temporary disabled - will inform when it's back on
5 11 Apr 2024 SignIn with Apple implemented
4 9 Apr 2024 SignIn with Twitter implemented
3 8 Apr 2024 SignIn with Google implemented
2 5 Apr 2024 Stay logged in implemented
1 29 Mar 2024 SignIn using mobile app credentials implemented